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So I have always been a german car guy.....but usually my budget is higher than it was this time, so i had to downsize a little bit, or so i thought!
I made my way through all the dealers I could think of, in search of the perfect car......after a few weeks of looking, I finally decided that I would get a 07 Honda Civic ex coupe in atomic blue, we worked out all the numbers, and I was able to talk the dealer down to what I thought is an acceptable price. I have a friend that manages the service department of a honda dealer, and figured I should check with him after I get my best price, and see if he could then beat it. So I called him, and he told me that this particular dealer was giving me an awesome price on the lease, and I should go with them because he can not beat it, he could only match it, but he would have to extend the lease to 3 1/2 years to allow the same price. I immediatley called the first dealer and set up an appointment to come in and put a deposit on the car.
So the day comes when I am supposed to go and put my deposit down, I have the worksheet with all the figures with me, and my checkbook in my hand. My saleswoman draws up the invoice, and tells me she has to get managers approval, she comes back and tells me she can not honor this price anymore, so after arguing for a good 10 minutes, they work it down but still not as low as the first figure was. Mind you my credit is excellent! She then has the nerve to tell me that that was a one time deal....I was so heated that I truly acted out and raised hell at HILLSIDE HONDA in Queens New York! (NEVER GO THERE!!!)
So the following day, I had begun shopping again, now visiting scion, nissan, acura, toyota....nothing caught my eye. So driving home, I said to myself maybe i should check out the mustang! I always wanted one! I walk into Tower Ford, in great neck new york, and at this point i am exhausted from all this shopping and haggling, so i decide to be blunt with the salesman, I tell him what I want to spend out of pocket and what I can afford a month. He tells me I can get a base mustang, but I listened to the voice of reason and said to myself, Are you insane a base mustang! NO WAY! so he then proceeds to tell me they are having great lease incentives on the 07 Fusion, I HAD NEVER HEARD OF THIS SO CALLED FUSION, well we walk over to the car on the floor, and at first glance I thought it was hideous, it was a base base base base model black with not one option, I refused to even sit in it! he then brings over a brochure and starts to talk about the car, I reluctantly look at the trims available and the options.....and that is where the love began!!!

To shorten this long story.....low and behold I placed my order for a Black 07 Fusion SL 4cyl. with the I4 appearance package, sirrius radio, abs, spoiler, moonroof, and some other option, i forget what it was!

upon test driving the car, I was impressed how it handled and how tight it felt, like i am used to in my previous german cars!

I am so excited , I cant wait any longer!!! I should have it within 2 weeks, because it is coming straight from the factory, The dealer I ordered from snatched it from another dealer who hadnt yet received the car.

THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR YOUR WONDERFUL POSTS HERE, it has helped me gain knowledge about the fusion! and excited me even more!!!! :klavergreg:
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