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So, I'm hearing that stations in my area are switching over to 10% Ethanol.

Is this bad for the Fusion?
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Not at all. They had too since they got rid of MTBE
It won't hurt your Fusion, however, many cars will see a loss of fuel economy on the E10 fuel. My fathers Lincoln LS looses 3 MPG on E10 and a friend has a 05 Mountaineer and it losses 2.5 MPG on E10, I've seen many other cars that had no effect on fuel economy, but I'd guess that on average you loose 1 MPG. Run 3 tanks of each back to back and see what you get for mileage.

Also I recomend running some fuel line anti-Freeze (heat or any Isopropyl) to keep the water out of the fuel tank that for some reason Ethanol seems to have more of than regular fuel. You only need to do this every couple of months at most, many cars never have any problems, but we do see a noticible number (2-3%) that will develop hard start or start then die concerncs caused by this (but a bottle of additive fixes them up in 1 tank of fuel)
As far as I know... here in Michigan, at least near me, all stations are using E10. You'll see it on the pump. Usually a message that says:"this fuel contains at least 10% ethanol.
well.... will it atleast lower the gas prices a lil bit?
Yes, and no ..

Ethanol is more expensive the MTBE, however the current gas spikes are supply related as they can not mix MTBE, and Ethanol fuel, so refineries have to empty their tanks switch their equipment over to ethanol and start producing again. So there are sporadic shut downs as each refinery goes through the process meaning slight shortages, and shortages mean price spikes. Its very temporary, and will improve by mid May (this is what I've heard, I am not an expert otherwise I'ld already know if Ethanol was okay for the fusion! :) )
This is something you might want to try, Acetone! I read about it here-

I figured WTF why not? I dumped ~3oz into my tank and drove around a bit. It runs smoother! My engine was making a sound like a valve knocking at idle and it's gone! I haven't gone long enough to say anything about the fuel mileage but I'm driving a little over 100miles tomorrow so I should get some feedback.

BTW, they're building an ethanol plant 10mi from my house!
i would NOT use acetone in your fuel, many of the seals and o-rings in the fuel system are VERY affected by acetone and can break down in a quick time with prolonged use.
In CT (and NY) MBTE has been banned for quite a while, so this new law is irrellevant to me...
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