espn sema preview

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was read and saw a sema preview.. if repost sorry..

man seems the ford edge alreayd coming out with more things then the fusion.. whats up wit hthat?

anyways here the snip..
2006 SEMA Hot Rides Preview
Ford Fusion T5 by MRT

The MRT Fusion T5 integrates a turbocharged all-wheel-drive powertrain and a 3dCarbon body kit, MRT T5 hood and MRT T5 Black Chrome trim kit. The 3M protective paint film is courtesy of CGM in Detroit. The 3.0-liter V-6 sports a Garrett turbocharger, packaged and tuned by MRT/Precision Turbo and custom calibrated by SCT and Calibrated Success. MRT Aero turbine exhaust completes the powertrain package. Ride and handling have been modified by H&R coil-over springs, struts and shocks. Boss Motorsports 328 Series 20-by-8.5-inch Black Chrome wheels wear Nitto 255/35/20 performance tires.

im im correct 2nd sema show now the fusion been done on and most of the parts arent even for sale? how long does it take to make those car part reality? or maybe there not enough intrest?

i'll keep saving till it time to pull the trigger..
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Ummmmm Turbo! :bowdown:
By looking at the poll that steeda has on, it looks as though it's an interest problem. I like that MRT is putting a fusion at sema. It makes it possible they'll produce. MRT is run by the guy who though up the bullitt design, scott hoag(i think that's his name), he used to run team mustang until he started MRT.
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