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Hey all, recently I finished replacing the evap temperature sensor on my Fusion, because I read that it was a common culprit for causing the air conditioning to not work. (spoiler alert: that wasn't my issue and replacing it did nothing, but that's not what this post is about)

When I got the dash re-installed, and everything put back together, I recharged my battery (needed a jump start) and about 30 seconds into the car running, noticed some smoke (not billowing, just a steady stream upwards) coming out in the back of the engine bay, near the firewall and near the AC compressor (or some vacuum lines... it's hard to see back there). The smoke smelled heavily of rubber, so i'm assuming I melted some wires somewhere.

Then, I restarted the engine, and realized that when I turn the fans on in the car, I CANNOT smell the smoke/possible melting wires from the top vent fans (the ones that blow in your face) BUT I could in fact smell it from the bottom vents (the ones at your feet).

The car runs fine, and everything seems to work okay. I still don't know the issue causing my AC to not work, but I'll figure that out later... for now I want to know what I might have burned/melted/broke.

Couple more things that might be useful: I didn't mess with wiring at all. When doing the whole procedure, the closest I got to wires was simply wire harnesses. Maybe I pinched a wire somewhere? Another thing: while this happened yesterday, i still have thew same problem today. Though I couldn't visibly see the smoke, I definitely still smelled a burning smell when I got back from driving and stepped out of the car (I didn't bother turning the fans on at all, but still smelled it from the outside of the car)

TL;DR: (Possible) Melted wire smell coming from bottom air vents and engine bay near the firewall. Please help.
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