Economical way to reach 200hp with the 2.3...

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Ok, since I plan on keeping this car for a while (no V6 manual option in 2007 and maybe none until the $30,000 mythological SVT Fusion makes itself known), I would like to know your thoughts on the most economical way to reach 180-200hp with the 2.3. My thoughts are: CAI (do any exist yet?) and a custome tune, followed by a nice header and....then what???? With a quality CAI, header, and tune you can probably expect a good 20 hp gain - maybe more? There are a lot of 2.3 Focus performance parts out there, but what works well with this car? I'm sure an intake cam is out of the question, but would a performance exhaust cam be of any benefit? Turbos and SC variants are out of the question...I want to do this for less than $1500 if possible.
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Sorry : But the turbocharger is easiest way to make horsepower and probably the least amount of work. Also when your done, it is easier to put it back to stock. :)
I can't answer the transmission question. I think that would depend on how you drive it. If you start tearing into the engine, the dollars are going to add up fast. I have done some reading on this engine and if you do start ripping into it, you need to have your act together.
I think, if you really need the hp, the turbo, intercooler,chip mod and some extra fuel, will take you for the ride of your life.

PS: Use some good oil and some good common sense.
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