dynomax super turbo muffler....i put it on all by myself!!

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yep, bought it and put it on. now, do know: i'm learning all this cool car-type stuff as i do it, so yeah, i prolly could have done it an easier way, but i did it the best i could with the resources i had. i cut the stock muffler with a hacksaw. halfway through it, the hacksaw wouldn't fit anymore, so i had to take the blade off the saw and hand-saw it with the blade. then, after i cut off the muffler, i realized i cut it in the wrong place! after the pipe hanger underneath the rear suspension, right on the bend. that was interesting, but i got the thing hooked up and managed to use the stock hanger for the new muffler. i have video of my stock muffler and of the car with no muffler, but i will have to get a video of the new muffler when the weather is nicer. one note: while underneath the car, i noticed that the i-4 has a hanger welded on the other side for another muffler! something cool..

more videos are coming as soon as i have time. i will take a couple of the new muffler and a little one of the setup underneath. it wasn't nearly as hard as i thought it was going to be.
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Should have a rear hanger for another muffler, most likely because the frame and stuff don't know what engine you have, you know? One part fits another. I'll check out the movies when I get home.

One word for you.............SAWZALL!
yeah....hindsight is 20/20 too...:D
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