Drove the Fusion to Ireland

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I'm a little late on this post but here it goes. In mid june I drove the fusion from England through whales, took a fairy to Ireland, then another ferry back to Scotland and drove back down to England. Total trip was 3000 miles. A very long 8 days. My family came out to visit, so we all packed into the fusion for this trip. They are diehard toyota fans but they loved my car. Poor fusion had 5 adults and a trunk full of luggage which made the rear suspension bottom out a lot. When I started the trip the car had about 2,000 miles and I had owned it for 2 months. I was really worried about wrecking it since people can't drive for shit in Ireland. It was lucky to get off the island in one piece, we had a lot of close calls, and I mean a lot. Luckily to this day, the car still doesn't have one mark on it. The trip was fun, Ireland was beautiful, really green even compared to England. For those of you that ever decide to visit Ireland, go to the waterford factory, you won't walk out of there without buying something. The fusion got a lot of stares, I had the only one in the country. The 4-cylinder auto combo didn't do bad with a fully loaded car. I was still able to pass slow traffic going up steep hills with the A/C on. I was impressed. I have to admit though, by the end of the trip I was tired of the fusion, mostly due to the fact that I did ALL of the driving. I just wanted out of the car. After we got back home, I spent another 3 weeks driving my family around England. So in the course of a month, I put about 6,000 miles on the car. Don't get me wrong, I still love the car, it performed flawlessly and is very quiet on the highway. Long story short, the fusion survived Ireland.
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I am glad to see somebody else enjojed driveing on the roads of my homeland.
We just got back ourselves in July. I did not have the Fusion , But i was driving an 8foot wide tractor that does 55mph. Now that gets some looks and people get back in their lane very quick when they see you coming. Safe motoring, Colm 8)
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