Driver's side rear door window shattered

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A rear door window shattered on my Milan last night. The last thing I did was slam the trunk closed but after I did, I had no broken windows. I am absolutely sure that it was not vandalized. The funny thing is that the window was still in tact but it looked like the force came from within the car. I am now wondering how much torque these window motors are capable of and combined with the internal pressure of closing the trunk had anything to do with this?
I believe one of our members had a broken windshield. Has anyone else had any shattered windows? :?
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   It was spider web cracked through-out the whole window and all you had to do was touch it to fall apart. The temp was down to 37 degrees last night and up to 70 at 12:00 noon. I normally don't roll that window down but about a week ago I did by accident. Well, thats the last time it was used. I called the fellow that sold the car to me and he said that he has seen it happen on other cars and suvs, (for no reason). I really wonder about the limit factor of these dc window motors. I have never had a car do this (at least not with out a direct hit).
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