Dome Lights

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Can anyone find me a BLUE light bulb for my dome lights and map lights in my fusion. I've looked everywhere. My friends STI has blue dome lights and it looks real neat at night when he opens his doors.
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I get my colored bulbs from truck stops! Usually pretty cheap!
The paint on those burns off very quickly. I suggest trying to find a rubber sleve that fits over the oem bulb. Auto parts stores carry them.
I prefer to use LED replacement bulbs. I just ordered about 18 replacement bulbs mostly blue and white for my car, but they come in several colors. They are brighter, last longer and look better than standard bulbs. Check out they have replacement bulbs for almost all automotive applications. I use them in the dome lights, trunk, license plate, corners (although I can't with the sidemarker mod) and interior whereever I can. I also replaced all the dash bulbs in my SHO and it made a world of diffrence in the brightness.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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