Do u think it's worth it to put 22's on my fusion

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[move][/move][Whats up to everyone. I have a 06 fusion which i really been going back and forth about putting 22's on it. I've seen a couple that looked pretty hot, ut others that i have seen look jacked up and crazy. So here is my question is it worth it to put 22's on it or stick to 20's and drop it. looking forward to you guys and gurls feedback
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You guys realize this guy has one post and hasn't been back since like April, right?

Ah, this could have went on for months......
Yeah, don't do it dude. Like what was said before, it might hit your control arm kit. But yet again, it is your car you decide on it.
22s lowered. I say do it, its your car. Do what you want! I have had 22s and 20s, I dont mind the ride, but my other car is a 66 bug, so anything is better than that.
Will 22’s rub?
Will 22’s rub?
HI Junebugg and welcome to the Ford Fusion Club. If you want a usable daily driver? Yes, unless you properly modify the fenders and/or the suspension.

Good luck.
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