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The administrators are responsible for the basic development of that forum, be that software or policies. In addition, they have the ability to enforce policies up to and including banning of members, and beyond. They respond to appeals requests as well. They are not responsible for general forum moderation, though they may sometimes take a hand in it.

Super Moderator

Super Moderators are moderators with the ability to ban members.


Moderators are responsible for watching the flow of discussion on sites.

Regional Coordinator

Regional Coordinators oversee sections of the Regional Forums, and are responsible for encouraging meets and the like.


Staff Members do not have specific powers. These ranks are given generally to coders that are not administrators.

Senior Member

Senior Members do not have specific powers. It is a rank of respect for members that have contributed positively over long periods of time.

Contributor / Gold Contributor

Contributors have no powers. They are given this honor for large donations.

Gold Sponsor / Platinum Sponsor

Sponsors pay fees to advertise and sell their wares on the forum.

Regular Member (Post Count-based) Ranks

- Info to be added later
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