Daytime Running Lights

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I understand the '06 Fusion is pre-wired for DRLs. Actually, they're a 'fleet' option. I tried to find the OEM relay that would turn on the DRLs and was given two part numbers by Ford ... FOAZ-14N089-A and F5TZ-14N089-B. They aren't that expensive. My inclination is to get both and try 'em; but, I don't want to fry the computer. Any suggestions?
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I hate DRLs. Here is why.
Back in the 80s someone realized motorcycles didnt stick out in traffic enough and were alwys getting hit. Soon all motorcycle had the lights on all the time, even during the day. Now they were sticking out in traffic, people noticed them, and people didnt hit them. Then come the 90s. All of a sudden Saturn, a different kind of com[pany, started offering DRLs standard on all their cars. That was ok. Now motorcylces and Staurns stick out... soon GM said, hey, lets do it to all our cars. Now we have a problem. The technology that helped motorcyles be safer now makes them blend into traffic and leads to them being hit again becase some idiot didnt see their lights on cus 25% of all the cars ont he road now have DRLs and they just blend in.

DRLs belong on motorcycles and nothing else!
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headlights should be on in any low visibilty situation..... headlights, not DRLs. my GF has DRLs on her old Grand Prix and NEVER turned her lights on in the rain cus she said her headlights were always on and I could not convince her otherwise.

My point is motorcycle NEED to stick out in traffic more than cars cus the rider of the motorcycle has far less protection in an accident. if 1 car pulls out in front of another car and they hit, both cars stop. if a car pulls out in front of a motorcycle and they hit the car and the bike will stop, but chances are the driver of the motorcycle will keep going.

DRLs are not needed for cars on clear days when the sun is out and the birds are chirping.
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