Daytime Running Lights

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I understand the '06 Fusion is pre-wired for DRLs. Actually, they're a 'fleet' option. I tried to find the OEM relay that would turn on the DRLs and was given two part numbers by Ford ... FOAZ-14N089-A and F5TZ-14N089-B. They aren't that expensive. My inclination is to get both and try 'em; but, I don't want to fry the computer. Any suggestions?
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DRL's are just lame. Is there any true evidence that supports their being? I know that GM is trying desperately to invent something that's going to be useful to the world, but I fear that their preaching about DRL's is without any sort of evidence to back it up (kind of like a lot of what they claim).

If DRL's were mandatory in the Fusion, I wouldn't have bought it.
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