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I got fed up with dealerships trying to fix my dash and did it myself. One put so much foam under the center compartment it stuck out 1/4 in, I couldn't believe they even gave it back. I had to scrape it all out to get it to sit flat again. The second (The place where bought the car and I spent my $20000) didn't even want to touch it because another dealer worked on it! I will NEVER buy a Ford again after this service. Anyway on to the fix.

The cause of this is the expansion of the windshield defroster vent due to heat. I figured this out myself after trying to get it to pop going over bumps, then getting cold and turning the heat on. Sure enough every time after I would turn the heat on it would pop. This fix is very simple.

1. Remove radio trim.
2. Remove center compartment with a 7mm socket.
3. Remove windshield vent trim with a butter knife.
4. Stuff foam strips everywhere you can reach in the area behind the compartment. The thicker the foam the better, this helps "push" on the vent ducting and keeps it in place.
5. Spray white lithium grease on the bottom of the windshield vent trim. This lubricates the trim.
6. Install windshield vent trim. Before you do this, stick your hands down the vent and give it a couple pulls.
7. Install compartment- It's tricky because the duct holds it out of allignment, just fool around with it a little.
8. Install radio trim.
9. Enjoy your pop free ride!

Now to work on the other rattles I've got.........
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