Dash board buzz

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who has the dash board buzz at 1500rpm light throttle up to 40mph? I do. seems to do it more when its cold. there is the tsb to check the fuel, evap and brake lines on the firewall for rubbing. and or to replace the flex pipe.

has anyone had this issue, and had it fixed?
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YES I DO, sorry for yelling but it is driving me crazy. I have noticed that the noice is more noticeable when it is colder as well and that it usually goes away about the time I get to work (10 miles away from home). I took it in soon after I got and they did that TSB for the lines but it DID NOT fix it.

I have currently noticed more since the mornings here in Indiana have been cool lately and I WILL be taking it back soon. Good luck getting yours fixed and if they do, let us know the fix. Thanks.
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