custom exhaust anyone?

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ive been thinking my car needs an exhaust for a while (V6). today at work i drove a masda6 with the mazdaspeed mufflers, i love the way it sounds. i was thinking of just getting a pair of them and putting em on my fusion, but they are WAY too much money. the magnaflow is still too much, and i have heard it resonates too much etc.
has anyone put universal mufflers on a fusion? borla, magnaflow etc?
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I just ordered the Magnaflow last night. I've listened to the sound clips provided here by other Forum members and after hearing the set up yesterday in town and speaking with the owner I was happy with the way it sounded. By the way I'm a bit older than most of the members, and it sounded good to me.
I'm thinking about a custom exhaust too. I'd like something affordable with no interior resonance that provides a nice, slighty mean/racey/healthy tone that's a bit louder then stock under normal rpms while not being crazy loud at higher rpms. Being a gearhead and having owned moded muscle cars in the past I know the aftermarket offerings fairly well. As far as I'm concerned it comes down to two options for either the V6 or I4. Both use very high quality, reasonably priced "universal fit" performance mufflers which would be welded in at a good local muffer shop. The total cost should be about $150 for the I4 and $220 for the V6 (+ or - $40).

Option #1 - Magnaflow.8) This is straight through style muffler so it would require the use of the stock Ford resonator.

Option #2 - DynoMax Super Turbo.8) This is a baffled style muffler that is, IMO, the quietest performance muffler out there. It most likely would not need the Ford resonator due to it's excellent three chamber design. If it was too loud you could always have the resonator welded back in but that would be pretty quiet except under full throttle.

Is this a tough choice? YES!

I spent some time this weekend under my car taking measurements. I think a 5"x8" oval case muffler in a 14" length with a 2.25" in/out should do the trick quite nicely. NOTE: The stock tubing on the I4 is 2.25".

Here is a good place to order either muffler:
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I could get either muffler for you guys and beat summits price. Heck ill beat anyones price on Magnaflow.

For performance, a straight through muffler like Magnaflow or Borla would be the best. Todays cars and trucks dont like chambered mufflers because they effectively reduce the exhaust gas velocity. The only thing you have to gain from a chambered muffler would be sound.

If you dont want it too loud, then keep the Ford resonator. If you go custom, and dont like the way it sounds after the muffler breaks in, you could always take out the resonator later.
I hear ya on the aftermarket muffler noise, I've messed around with them on other vehicles in the past and the chance of getting a worse exhaust sound is higher than the chance of getting a better sounding exhaust. On my Fusion, all I wanted was a nicer sounding exhaust, the stock system is too damn quiet. I like the look of the stock mufflers from the rear end, and I'm not actually crazy about the larger tips on some aftermarket exhausts either. So I just pulled out the stock resonator and kept the stock mufflers in place. It makes a nice smooth sounding exhaust now, closer to that of the mazdas (which I believe do not use a resonator). The car feels a bit stronger as well in the upper rpms. Cheap effective upgrade if you like OEM style exhausts, but want to improve things a bit.

Do you have any interior resonance with your setup?

I'd love to hear and drive with: a Magnaflow cat back system, my two possible setups (mentioned above) and your resonator free system and then decide.
i have the dynomax super turbo. it's really nice. has the nice growl when you idle and then it's loud when you open it up. i've had a couple of people ask if it was a v6.

Does your Fusion have the stock Ford resonator?

I've had many friends install the "DynoMax Super Turbo" on V6 and V8 cars and trucks - always nice and excellent quality.
im thinking of going with a coffin muffler. its a custom deal shaped like a coffin(suprise).

its what i have run on all my trucks. they sound AWESOME on a v8, im just kinda worried it wont sound so great with a 6. i think im gonna stop by and see my exhaust guy and see what he thinks, probly after christmas.

shouldnt cost me over 300 or so. my f150 was like 120 with a muffler, and tip, my burban was 220, with a new cat.. if i go through with it, i'll be sure to post videos

well, i just found a site that has sound clips of a mustang, v6, and gt. the v6 is a little too harsh for my tastes. but i also think the v8 is alot louder than what i have had in the past. so im figuring that the mustangs dont run a resonator?

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Interesting. Is it chambered like a Flowmaster?
im pretty sure its single chamber, with baffles. its been a while since ive seen an open one
Suggestion::Go to those Mustang GT mufflers from an 05--nice price--and look like Fusion mufflers--might be in your budget.
update, went by and saw my exhaust guy today. hes never done coffins on a 3.0 before, so he doesnt know for sure how it will sound. he said it would probably be more aggressive than the magnaflow, but shouldnt be too loud if we leave the resonator on. he also mentioned installing a larger resonator if it is too loud. total cost installed will be $400 for two coffins, hangers, and tubing, etc. first were gonna cut the stock mufflers off and see how it sounds open, should be able to get an idea of how it will sound with the coffins installed. im gonna try to have it done next friday, maybe the week after though. he has a smaller coffin he made, that is only 3 inches tall, and it has about 9 inches of room inside for flow, compared to about 2-3 inside a flowmaster.
yeah, i kept the stock resonator on. it sounds nice...has that nice rasp in there at idle and is noticeable when you get on it. i like it. I can take some pictures of my install if you want. I managed to use the stock hangers and such...i just messed up and cut the stock muffler off right at the bend!!
[quote author=cos link=topic=64747.msg1111030#msg1111030 date=1166462748]

Do you have any interior resonance with your setup?

I'd love to hear and drive with: a Magnaflow cat back system, my two possible setups (mentioned above) and your resonator free system and then decide.

There is no resonance on the interior of the vehicle, which is what I wanted to avoid, all of the extra sound is on the outside of the vehicle , which is what I wanted to achieve. Basically what you hear from the outside is a nicer v6 growl and smooth sounding resonance as the car goes up and down the rpm range. On the interior of the vehicle it is still perfectly quiet, pretty much same as stock, so basically no negative side effects at all. It was exactly what I was looking for given my picky tastes and being tired of aftermarket exhaust noise. So for me it is perfect, some people looking for more sound may find it too quiet on the interior still, but that is what I want to maintain. hope this helps. Judging exhaust sound can be tricky, it's a very personal preference.
new update, broke 3rd gear in the tranny in my baja bug, so now the exhaust money is going towards a built trans :(
If I change the exhaust on my 07 se V6 will it void the warranty? I have not found anything about this in my warranty guide or on the internet. Can you please help me figure this out?
Updating your exhaust will not void your warranty. 8)
If i take the resonator off and keep the stock muffler will that give me better tone.
[quote author=bigred07 link=topic=64747.msg1131144#msg1131144 date=1167852536]
If i take the resonator off and keep the stock muffler will that give me better tone.

that's what I was referring to , check out my replies above. It changes the tone outside of the car , but very little from inside of the vehicle.
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