Cupping in rear after lowering

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Has anybody noticed cupping on the inside of the rear tires after lowering? I noticed my rears wearing fast and felt them. On the inside it's cupped. Not bad, but noticable.
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The Fusion has a very steep toe curve in the rear suspension, if you didn't re-align you've got too much negative camber and too much toe-in.
What were the numbers after realignment? The toe curve is more aggressive the further into jounce you put the suspension, so from rest when lowered, you will gain more toe-in for 1in of travel then you would if you were not lowered. Could be that you need to run a bit less toe-in on a lowered suspension then stock.

Could also be that the suspension is now under-damped with the stiffer spring rates and the tires are bouncing a bit.
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So Waldo: If we load the stock suspension (say: four adults and a fully loaded trunk) and go across Country, do you think we will have to keep an eye on the rear tires?

That's a pretty good question. I loaded up my Focus and drove about 2000 miles and noticed significant rear tire wear, though the tires were already getting low on tread. It basically finished them off.
I imagine it could be a problem if you took a long trip, like 4-5000 miles. Tell your friends to start a diet!
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