Creaking from rear suspension

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2014 ford fusion around 108k miles. So I was looking at this fusion today and whenever there would be any sort of travel in the suspension it would creak like an old wooden bed. I sprayed some pb blaster under the spring and it stopped creaking for a few seconds. What part would be causing the creaking? I think almost all of the rear suspension is original so any part could have gone bad but I'm almost positive it has something to do with the springs.
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Could definitely be any moving part of the suspension. Check any ball joints, toe links (if applicable), sway bar end links and even sway bar bushings. If it is indeed something with the spring, most likely would be the insulator that sits between the spring and control arm is worn out.
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Which engine is in your model? Just so I can get you the correct part number.

So then basically it makes the noise only when the car is on the ground, putting load on the suspension?
Maybe also check your sway bar bushings and end links. Those would be a much easier fix.

Either way, I would first confirm what the problem is so you're not just throwing parts at it. But I'll get you the part numbers either way so you know.
looks like it should be part number DG9Z-8321-D

this page shows the whole rear suspension diagram

this could even be a solution for a replacement part

hope that helps
Yes sir
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