Control Panel/Display Light Color

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Is there any way to change the light color of the interior displays and control panel? I don't like the classic look of that green. Please let me know. Thanks,
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That would be awesome.

The only problem with that is you would have to change out all the lights.
Cuz all of them are green. I would go with blue or red, like in the Mazda 3.
I would love to change EVERYTHING to red..just want to know how... :?
That would be awesome to see. I beleive that this would be a pain in the rear to change out.
does anyone know how to do it ?
the bulbs are CLEAR, the plastic overlay with all the numbers and crap on it is where the green color comes from. If you put red bulbs in it looks like a brown light bacause they mix with the green and look terrible. Maybe you could try yellow bulbs to make blue??
Hopefully we can get someone with some skill/balls to figure it out I would love to have some light blue ones for my blue SEL =]
There have been people who did it on rangers. Its massicly involves taking the gauges appart, sanding the green tint off of the pices untill they are white and then using different colored LEDs.... that or you can apply a thin layer of paint to get any color you want with white bulbs.

its very time consuming and will probably void many parts of your warranty.
This is probably obvious but I'll say it anyways since no one else has.

All the rest of the green displays, like the radio, climate control and message center, are all LED displays which would have to be replaced with that exact same brand with different color LEDs since it's a glass display.

In other words, ain't gonna happen.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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