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My sons car has non heated cloth seats currently and is a 2015 fusion. We have found heated leather seats from a 2014 fusion. We do not care if the heated part works. The 2014 car has one connector under the seat and the 2014 heated seats has 2. One of the 2 connectors appears to be the same and when the 2014 heated leather seat is connected to the 2015 car harness the seat will not move any direction on the drivers side. When we install the leather passenger seat everything works fine with it. We only have issues with the driver side seat movement. There are not codes that come up on the dash when the seats have been swapped. I am thinking that it is either a connector pinout change from cloth to leather or a grounding issue with the second connector not being plugged in since the cloth car does not have 2 connectors under the drivers seat. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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