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Clear Blue Sky was a great success. All but two cars opted to run the full event, with the alternative being opening a panic envelope, and getting a "free pass" through the intersections with an "in the absence of the sign" test. 37 cars entered, 29 started, 28 finished.

The rain stopped just as the rally started, which was fine for the 29 cars running, but probably too late for some of the non-starters. I'm sure that the rain had some effect on their decision not to come. The top three cars in terms of mileage traveled to reach the start, all of whom traveled over 250 miles one way, showed up. These cars were from Houston, San Antonio, and Abilene.

Clearly distance and weather aren't barriers to running our fun rallies. Entrants included Mercedes and Cadillacs, Focus and Civic, Corvettes, an F-100 pickup, 7 Mustangs, and a Fiat Abarth. Next on our calendar are events on October 8 and December 3.

Full results can be found at Texas Region SCCA » Rally .
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