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I have the interior that is black/tan. I am having problems keeping the tan clean (kids). My son recently waisted fruit punch on my rear seat. There are numerous other stains on my rear seat. My wife has make up on the passenger side seat belt from her rubbing her face on it as she sleeps. The carpet looks terrible. It is a dark tan now from the dirt and stains. What do you guys suggest as a good cleaning solution?
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check out meguiars stuff they have shampoo for the carpets I've managed to keep my interior clean using meguiars stuff and also have rubber winter mats which are great for catching spills and mud and rain/snow etc.

I have black carpet though :) my families other two cars are tan carpeted and have always been dirty even shampooing they end up dirty thats why I like black
Tanks Ota. I have heard a lot about Meguiars. Must be worth the price.
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dye it black

:lol: Black. Naw, I hate black interior. My wife has black interior in her car, and any specks of trash shows up on that color. And let's not mention how much heat that would attract in the summer time. I would only like black leather seats.
I have black, it looks great but definetly attracts dust and gets very hot. I love it though because it hides the mismatched interior bits and such etc. I love the way my interior looks after I've treated the leather, vacuumed and wiped down the plastic, looks so nice! Tan is definetly tough to keep clean
Hi Ceace,

Sounds like your carpet is heading toward being black with you kicking and screaming the whole way. I think you need to set some new ground rules because your car is loosing value quickly. My interior is black on black and yes you see a lot of dust etc. but will always look original after vacuuming. My personal theory is to always start with the method which is least abrassive when cleaning. I start with soap and water and if the stain(s) doesn't come out, then go to the more abrassive cleaners. For the carpet, I like the one with the built in scrubber (sorry can't remember the brand name). For the leather seats, I recently bought the Maguire's product with keeps the leather soft. I noticed that they have a separate product for cleaning stains out of leather which may help you. With the leather softner I can say it is really worth the money (it was the most expensive vs. other competitors) and does a great job without leaving the leather feeling greasy or slippery. Cleaning the stains right away is also helpful as opposed to letting them accumulate, specifically the carpet, then you are left with a stain on top of a stain. After you clean everything, try putting on Scotch Guard (or similar product) and will help get the stains out faster.

Maybe you can post some pictures for us for more help.

Good luck
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[quote author=Fusion4u link=topic=79601.msg1563984#msg1563984 date=1184690266]
{snip}I think you need to set some new ground rules because your car is loosing value quickly.{snip}

I can relate to this. I am a pretty severe scrooge when it comes to what does and doesn't happen in my car. Part of this is because this is the first brand new vehicle I have ever owned so I am a bit anal about it. But I have the tan interior with cloth seats and it still looks damn near new after 11 months. It's easier not to stain it than it is to clean it up...:)
I am a pretty severe scrooge when it comes to what does and doesn't happen in my car.

I'm not a scrooge---I'm a complete BAS%#*D!!! :x
I plan on paying this guy 20 bucks to shampoo my carpet for me. It looks too dirty. I hate it!! He completely detail cars for a living, but I told him I wash my own car. I just need him to take care of the inside.
Make sure he doesn't use too much water, and/or gets as much water out as possible. The only thing worse than dirty carpet is a rotting floor board!

Perhaps you can take some before and after pictures for us?

Good luck
Simple Green carpet cleaner works well.
I've banned kids from my car. :lol:

I give my daughter the eye when she gets in my car and she's 15. I picked my dog up from the groomer the other day and he had loose hair everywhere. I was freaking out. As soon as I got him home, I grabbed that lint roller and cleaned every hair. I was spazzing out.
hehe While I haven't banned kids from my car, I've made enough of a fuss that my wife no longer asks which car to take when hauling them is involved. We take her truck. :)
Yeah, I will take some pics and post before and after. I cleaned the seats and they look great, but it is that damn carpet that icks me!! I don't know when I plan to get it shampooed. I might rent that Rug Doctor since it has tools for cleaning furniture. I got on my wife's case this weekend because she drags her feet in the car and scuffs the plastic peice right under the dash. Then my seat belts were messed up from her rubbing her face on them with her makeup on. Then she had a red stain on my seat that she never got up after I asked her to. I got up early Saturday morning and did a thorough cleaning of all that and told her a piece of my mine. I think she got the point now.
Hi Ceace,

Try to rent the machine with the powerhead so that rotating brush gives the carpet a good scrubbing. My wife does the same thing with her shoes under the dash, it's quite annoying. When I armour all the interior I make sure to put a few extra coats on those areas so that it doesn't show right away and is easier to clean off.
Thanks for the Armor All suggestion! :D
take the carpet out if its that bad. if worse comes to worse--you can always pressure wash it---replace the backing which can be bought at any auto store. Just remember to make yourself a diagram of where the backing came off----cut the new to fit the same way and use 3m adhesive glue to put it back on your carpet once it has completely dried. Do NOT put water from a steam cleaner in your floorboard----you will never be able to get it out of the jute backing on the carpet. It will mildew and ruin your interior. If you plan to try and clean the carpets while in the vehicle take the seats out where you can work. I'll give you a little detailers trick about carpets called dry cleaning. Go to the parts store and get you some "wash" thinner---yes laquer thinner---put a small amount on the towel and hit the bad stains with it. You will have to scrub (50/50 simple green-water in a spray bottle and a good stiff brush and towel dry each time with a white towel so you can see how much dirt is coming up)) and repeat to make the stain go away. This will be work. This will pull the stains to the top and will also promote drying of any moisture. Keep the thinner away from all plastic parts and check a little carpet under the seat to see if it will wash the color out before you do any other parts. Pay here car lots brought us "dogs" by the dozens at my detail shop. This is the only way to do it right.
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When you do get the carpets clean, ban the kids from the FUSION.

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