Chrome fog light inserts

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I noticed that the chrome fog light inserts are now listed on for about $55.00. This may sound stupid, but has anyone put these on their car with no lights in the holes? I have the SE with the black inserts with no lights. Do the holes look really bad with no lights behind them? Any novel ways to fill the holes without buying fog lights?
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I DID it on a titanium green SE v6

i cut out circles out of plastic and painted with /w a rattle can of some "chrome looks paint" then i taped it nice and secure cuz you cant see it from the back......... IT LOOKS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!! looks absolutly perfect!

btw i can get you those housing for 18.96 EACH + shipping if you need it :)

i'll post some pics up soon for you trust me it is a worthwhile investment

if I can ask?  how do you get them for $18.96?  I've got a source for $21.39 each, but I haven't ordered them yet.

How easy does the black inserts come out? I have and se with fogs and I want the chrome but I aint gonna get them If I have to take my whole bumper off. I haven't even looked at how they come off yet though. I hope the just pop right out and then new ones will snap right in. Is this the case?
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How abouth these Black fog light inserts..  where can i get those the cheapest?

Donald? pkj099?

I just ordered my chrome inserts and my all weather floor mats from I may be interested in selling my stock black inserts (with the fog lamp holes all ready there). I hope I can get my new ones here pretty quick.
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Back to my original question, has anyone put in the chrome inserts with nothing in the holes?  Any other ingenious ways to fill the holes on the chrome inserts without shelling out $100.00 for the fog lights?

Get one of those mirrored license plates and cut off a piece to glue to the back of the hole. I think that would look ok if its possible.
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