Chrome fog light inserts

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I noticed that the chrome fog light inserts are now listed on for about $55.00. This may sound stupid, but has anyone put these on their car with no lights in the holes? I have the SE with the black inserts with no lights. Do the holes look really bad with no lights behind them? Any novel ways to fill the holes without buying fog lights?
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How abouth these Black fog light inserts.. where can i get those the cheapest?

Donald? pkj099?
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[quote author=Partscheap link=topic=46373.msg722987#msg722987 date=1147795849]
If your interested in the chrome fog light trim, i can sell them for $20.69 a piece so $41.38 for the set.
The black trim would be $14.95 a piece so $29.90 for the set of two.

HEYYY!!! ...get at me about it... send me a PM or something, I'm definately interested!!!!

Where can I buy the fog lights temselves... JUST THE FOG LIGHT PART
[quote author=Partscheap link=topic=46373.msg724841#msg724841 date=1147880211]
PM sent, also, the catalog specifically tells us that a dealer installed or any type of add-on fog light kit is not available for the fusion, i could probably sell you the fog light ($45.64 per light) , but there is no official way to install it or make it work.

Recieved the PM, thanks.
As far as the whole fog light kit.. I have no need for it.... All I'm looking for is the fog light it self with a mounting bracket (which I'll probably will have to fabricate myself If I cant find an already made bracket)..... other than that, I'm just going to wire the fog lights to the head lights.... I'm totaly fine with the fogs being on every time the headlights are on....

so do the fog lights come with the mounting brackets?

Basically... here is what I need... having in mind that I already have the black fog light insert:
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Hey Paul
would you happen to have a scanned chart of the parts for the fusion... the one you were looking at when I called you?
Sounds.... how p[ositive are you about this though? When I took off the regular black plastic cover off... there were some hinges that allowed the fogl ights to be mounted on... I just figured that I'de need some kind of a bracket to help me mount hte fogs.... but if not... that just makes thing a whole lot easier... thanks.
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we all need fog lights here can you post a how to buy and how to install these fog light if you have the means. we have all hit ead ends everywhere. please help.

Hey, you can but the fogs lights (just the light) from partscheap... talk to the sponsor.... I ordered mine today from him.... the order should arrive some times soon.
Presenting **Music in the background**... The Black Insterts!!!

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To replace the inserts is not hard at all.... they just pop out... all you need it a flat screw driver wrapped in a thin towel and you just pop it out.
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