Chrome door handle covers

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Has anyone seen or used these yet? I may add these for a different look.
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I currently have chrome door handles on my Oxford White Fusion SEL. It adds and extra stylish look to the vehicle. So you can get chrome on a white fusion and still look good.

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I also had trouble putting them on they seem to be a little smaller than the actual door handles on the Fusion. But if you position the covers on the upper part of the door handle you can pretty much mask the fact that the covers dont fit properly.
No I didnt have to force them on I just placed 3M tape all on the backing of the chrome covers so that most areas would stick. I just made sure that all parts of the door handle that could be seen would be covered by the chrome cover. I think they are a good cheap exterior mod but I am going to look into maybe some higher priced chrome covers that will be an exact fit.
1 - 3 of 22 Posts
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