CD Player seems dead

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anyone else have this issue, all of a sudden, the CD player wont read CDs, it trys to scan CD and comes back bad CD.. but they arent bad, i have tried multiple ones...?

Who makes this CD player anyways? i have a 06 SEL V6 no audiophile.
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i believe delphi makes the fusion/zephyr/milan radios.

are these burned cds? or are they cd's that came with music on them (like from best buy or whereever)? sometimes the cheaper media that you burn mp3's and such onto will not read on some radios. if it is a burned cd, then try stepping up to a more expensive kind. if that doesnt work, then you may just have a faulty radio...
yeah it does suck, i just went back and re-read your post and looks like you just have a shitty radio. just go to the dealer and make it their problem to replace it!
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