Can you say snow tires!

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Well I will definitely be investing in snow tires next winter for my SE, we just got hit with 6 inches of the white s**t and these 16" conties just don't cut it for me. Haven't a drop of snow all winter until yesterday "EXACTLY WHEN I GOT MY CAR" :x, it's a bit of a learning curve going from a all wheel drive a/star to the fusion.

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THey're all seasons... I'd never recommend all season tires in a lot of snow. But yeah, there's bette rand worse.
I run my stock Michelins in the snow, and Cooper Zeon 2XS Ultra High Performance summers for... summer. I wanted to get Dunlop M3 Sports, I believe they were, for winter but I ran outta cash.

For a serious winter tire, look at Bridgestone Blizzaks.
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