Caliper Covers

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can't remember wher I came across this.  has anyone used this product and what do you think if you have.
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That's bass ass looking!! I thought about painting mine, but those look better.

I just sent an email asking a few questions about size fittment. As soon as I hear something back, I'll let y'all know what I was told.
Here's his reply....(and rather quickly)


We recommended the large one for your 2006 Ford Fusion.

You can see the "Fitment" on the product page that our caliper covers
required 3 steps which is
1. 17" wheel
2. 1.5 inch between wheel and caliper
3. 1.5 inch (depth) between wheel and caliper

We will launch the "Type R" version within a month. It is more universal and
required only one thing which is 16" wheel. So, I will keep you email in
record and will notify you when it is launch.

Anyway, it is up to you. You can take the large one or wait for type R.

Chanont Jongjitrnant
United FirstBiz Corporation

Seeing as I'm going to go with larger rims in the future, I'll wait to get mine.
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1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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