CAI for I4 2.3?

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Has anyone attempted to make one of these from scratch. I know that the MAF for our engines is not a normal MAF but some wierd stick style. I attempted to make one from scratch and installed the MAF. About an hour after install my check engine light came on. I took everything off and put it back to normal. If anyone has any ideas on why this would cause the light to come on when the only real change was that instead of having a big airbox my air was coming through a cone filter please let me know. thanks :(
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Yes there is, check page 3 of this section for my post titled "I4 air intake update". By Confusion: I've run this variant since February with the most recent update being a block off plate and a sealed cone filter located in the front fascia. Also an addition of a air trumpet to maintain air velocity across the MAF sensor to improve idle quality. Allot of trial and error went into this part to make it work correctly, to date 7 previous versions have been trialed with mixed success. The Duratec likes a long intake tube, shorted will not work.
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