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Ok, so about a month or two ago. My Fusion was in an accident. The only thing left to fix is this annoying bump!

I had to lock up my wheels so I'm not sure if their is a flat spot on one of my tires. Or if one of my rotors is slightly warped.

So just to tell you guys all the facts so you can give me your best opinion, here we go:

I can only feel the bump under the speeds of about 40 mph. While accelerating, it's hard to notice it. But when I brake, its much more prominent.

So I can really feel the bump when cruising at about 21 mph lol. Not even braking, just coasting!

So is their a flat spot on my tire, or is one or more of my rotors warped?

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Take your car to a local Discount tire. They will do tire inspections for free, and tell them to look for panic stops. While the wheels are off the car, stick your head in there and check out the rotors .
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