Build date and delivery time

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I have a car on order. I have access to my Fleet companys site to find out the status as well. It shows me that the build date is on Oct 16th. It also has the following message :10/21/2006 LOCK IN - FROM BODY & ASSEMBLY Do any of you know what LOCK IN means ?.. I'm trying to figure when this thing will actully be built and when I can expect this car in NJ
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Do you use Wheels as your fleet company? I dunno what the lock in means but I can give you my timeline so far if it helps?

Fleet site says week of delivery 10/30

Fleet site says car produced 9/27
Fleet site says car shipped by rail 9/28

Today the fleet site changed to say week of delivery 10/15. I imagine it is not at the dealer yet, have not heard from them.
At least I can give you an idea how long the train ride is, when it arrives.

I live in North Eastern Maryland so not too far from NJ.
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Thanks for the info. My fleet co. Is GE Fleet.. I found out that locked means it is locked in for production on that day. I wouldn't bet that you care is not at the dealer yet.. I also would not wait for them to call you. I work with 12 guys who have fleet cars and we all get them from differant dealers ( GE decides what dealer based on our homes) and we have all yet to get a call from a dealer to tell us the car is in. We normally find out from GE of a approx delivery date and then call the dealer ourselfs. In most cases the dealer tells us the car is in and tells us to come and get it. IF we did not do this I don't know how long before the dealer would take to call.
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