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Hi all, I’ve been gone a for a while but still driving my Fusion. Had a big problem which is now resolved- the clutch pedal bracket broke!

Got in one day a couple weeks ago, pushed the clutch pedal in, and there was a pop sound, and the pedal got weird. The clutch engagement point got really low, and the pedal itself would stick about halfway up. Shortly, I discovered the cracks in the metal pedal bracket.

It made shifting a lot harder; the broken pedal bracket let the pedal pivot point move, instead of pushing the clutch master cylinder in. I checked around some dealers and online parts places, and the bracket is on indefinite backorder. So I hit 5 junkyards and found only 3 manual Fusions/Milans, and all 3 had similarly-broken brackets. So I picked the best one and had a friend weld it back together.

If you’re feeling hard shifting, you may have a cracked clutch pedal.

I noticed the engagement point is high then it used to be, but I’m getting used to it. Shifting is slightly smoother going into first at a stop than before, though.
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