bookeem for senior member!!!

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i'm putting my foot down--i vote bookeem for senior member... :)
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Beat me to it.... I was waiting to get home to start the Bookeem for SM thread.... anyway..... he gets my vote as well.

Besides being an all around nice guy, he is a wealth of knowledge regarding wheels, audio, lighting, and of course detailing!! He has personally helped many of the North Jersey folks, myself included. He is never "too busy" or unable to help anyone at all. Further more, when others may taunt others (oh say VW drivers) at our local meets, or try to piss off the rent-a-cops that made us leave our original meeting spot, he always takes the better position of being friendly and giving Mazda owners a good name. I would personally vouch for him in the real world and I'm even trying to find a job for him at my company - he's someone I trust putting my name and reputation behind.

In short, I vote Bookeem!!
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He may be up for that as long as you're closer to Philly area when you want to get detailed! His prices are great and he does it mostly for enjoyment anyway (and just a little extra cash) so that may work! :D

4 Votes! Yay!!
I think we have finally reached consensus! :D So, Daniel..... can you extend that invite?
Apparently.... :lol: Set up the forums and let them run themselves! :D
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I hope someone contacts him to let him know ;)

I sent him a PM congratulating him.... he is only on during the work day so hopefully he'll find out tomorrow! :D I know he'll be happy about it!
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