bookeem for senior member!!!

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i'm putting my foot down--i vote bookeem for senior member... :)
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Make it 4 votes. I read the NJ threads, and he is genuinely a very helpful member. If I am close enough, I may take advantage of his detailing services :lol:

ditto! my car needs a major over haul especially now that its tinted and looking hotter then normal :) (luuuuvvvv that nordic green :))
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Bumpity bump..... any new senior members yet? :)

::bump back:: yeah dan--when is this going to happen?
well daniel?

where do we stand on this issue?

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don't worry, I just ignore all you guys ;)

hey, its not very god like to ingore your subjects ;)

Its about frickin time!!

thank you johnny!! :) (and yes, you do have to do everything around here ;))
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thanks again everyone,u guys had me laughing here..thats something i need to, lol

Zaino, whats that, lol, ooooh that overpriced ,overrated wax some people like..

carolyn, how did i ever come off as a mean person or whatever to you for u not to like me/agree wit the majority up until now?

If I remember correctly, you came off as a bit of an ass after a spat with Fitz75 a LONG time ago. That's just me guessing though.

you (possibly) picked on my friend lisa!

thats it, SM revoked :) just kidding! :)
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What? you all missed out on that night that Bookeem got really drunk and started trying to guess women's cup size? Man, that was awesome.

when and where was this?!
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^^^ Uh - since I made it up - never :p

::sticks her tongue out at him::

thats it, no cookies for you!
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