Block heater cord

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Anyone else notice the goofy position of the block heater cord? During winter months (which is 4 mos long here) it has to hang right out front between the hood and grill rather than being concealed as on other models.
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Hi urnews. :eekcrazy: Take a deep breath, have a seat, and calm down. You haven't seen an engine block heater cord on your car because you most likely do not have the "Engine Block Heater" option.
I would not think it would be a necessary option in Maryland (nor in NJ, where I am). It is for regions that have very cold winters (think Canada, Montana, Minnesota, Siberia, etc). Keeps the engine block and oil heated, electrically, so as to avoid the extreme engine wear, hard starts, long cranking, etc, that can occur during extreme winter conditions.
The cord the other posters are speaking of is simply an electrical plug end, which is connected to an engine block heater in the engine, and you would connect to an extension cord, which would be plugged into an electrical outlet before you parked your car for a long period of time.
All is well! Of course, you know I luv ya man! :hug:
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