Beware of after market speakers

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I never leave anything stock for long and soon after I got my black SEL I was replacing the stereo and speakers. I replaced the front component setup with some alpine Type-R's and the deck and the other speakers as well... but that’s time for another thread. But when they installed the front 5x7 component setup they just dropped the crossovers inside the door behind were the 5x7 mounts. So every time it rained or when I got the car washed the water would drain as ford told me after taking a look at it “the water is designed to drain through the door" and as it was draining rusted the crossovers and making both my door speakers rusted and inop. So anybody having after market speakers with crossover mounted in the door should take a look at it to make sure its not rusting from water draining.

P.S placing the crossovers in several plastic bags and duck tape was the only way I found to fix the problem
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