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Hi Everyone,

I am new to this site and have been looking at various topics and replies and I think its funny how people get so upset over such minimal items like rattles. First of all let me say that I am a Ford Tech and have owned and worked on everything from Hondas to Lincolns to Jeeps. What bothers me is that I hear all the time that the dealership didn't fix their car and I am sure thats correct. I have worked at several dealers and have worked with all kinds of mechanics, some good and care about their workmanship, and others that don't. However, most of my experiences where something wasn't fixed was due to a lack of communication between the customers complaint and the technician. Everyone who purchased a brand new vehicle should know that there are growing pains that come with new vehicles. Just as you are learning things about your car, so are the technicians. If you bring your car in for a rattle allow for enough time to ride with either a technician or service manager and show them the EXACT rattle you are concerned about. Dont rush in drop it off and say, "I got a rattle" and leave. I recently purchased a Fusion and I noticed that there is a popping noise from the dash on right hand side. I believe that it is due to the expansion or contraction of plastic behind the dash in the heater ducts when the car is warming up. I am sure a fix will be out soon. Just be patient. I havent had time to mess with mine yet  because I have too many customers cars to fix, but when I do I will put a post out.  I recommend going to your dealer and be very nice and personable and you will get so much further than if you go in with a chip on your shoulder cause your new car has a problem. Also, Keep in mind that techs are paid on a comission basis and it really sucks to chase rattles. Talk to the service manager and see if they can set up a car for you to drive and let them spend a day or two trying to fix your car. Lets face it these cars are brand new and things are going to need to be addressed. I dont care if you buy a brand new Lexus or Kia, there are going to be fixes for problems with first year vehicles. I recommend anyone who buys a car needs to take it home for a night and drive it and find all the little characteristics before buying. By the way, I do agree the Heater fan is loud on high, but I turn it to med and turn the seat heater on and tune in my sat radio and go. Let s face it the Fusion is a great looking and driving car. Who cares about a few rattles that can be fixed when you are getting looks like you are driving a Corvette. You wont get those looks in anything else in that price range. Go buy a camry or accord and see how many people actualy notice.

If anyone has any questions feel free to let me know and I will be more than happy to help.

Ben :D
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     What really blows me away is how they are able to keep it quiet. I can’t seem to find anybody that’s had problems with Honda Automatic Transaxles but if you talk to my brother, he will tell you that he has had to replace them in both, his Accord and Mini Van. By the way,( in far less than 100,000 miles)!

Its all a matter of brand perspective and the dealer experience. When someone brings a car in for repair and its fixed right away with no problems or high costs, it basically becomes a NONISSUE... the customer is more likely to tell 20 ppl about a bad experience rather than a good experience.

Case in point: my uncle's Toyota minivan has his horrible clunking noise in the rear axle. He still claims to this day that he loves Toyota and never has had a problem any of his cars. When I brought up the noise, he was just like "oh yeah.. that is a well known problem with Toyota minivans, they just dont know what causes it, but they know about it :?" as if its no big deal. I bet if that was a Ford minivan he would have already traded it in and told everyone how they make horrible vehicles.
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