Be careful when washing engine

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I posted this here because more people would read it. BE CAREFUL WHEN WASHING YOUR ENGINE!!!! Water is very easily trapped in the head there is no way of seeing it in there unless you pull the coil. I'm assuming this is why my coil went bad. Over at focaljet I was reading about putting copper plugs in to make your engine run better. I bought some and our plugs are different from what is in the books, so I figured I'd put them in my parents Mariner w/ 2.3. When I pulled the plugs, 2 of them were VERY rusty. This is only an 05 so I can't imagine what they'd look like had they been left in there for the full 100k interval. If you get a plug stuck/broken off in the head this can be very costly to fix. Unless someone can come up with an engine cover, I'd highly recommend not washing your engine, at least not the valve cover.
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Thanks for the warning... I like to keep my engine bay clean. I will have to watch this on my v6
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