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Well, I can relate as well. My wife lost her mother to cancer two years ago.

However, you shouldn't be looking at things as a "balance", because life is anything but balanced. I don't mean to downplay the severity of your situation - after all, I do know what you're going through. But, accepting the bad WITH the good is an ideal situation. The bad times are inevitable. The good times are not. So while there usually is "a bad" to go with every "good", there isn't necessarily a good to go with with every bad.

While I certainly wish you, your dad and the rest of your family all the best, I'm sure you've already begun preparing yourself for the worst case scenario. Take solace in the fact that your Dad got to see you succeed the way he's always wanted. Of all the gifts you could give him, that's the greatest of them all - to not have wasted the opportunities that he helped make possible for you.

Again, best wishes.
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