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does anyone know howmany watts the audiophile system has?
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swoop.. is that a guess??
you guys are being unfair. I measured many stock headunits power output with digital voltimeter. and output is around 10-20W RMS. Not great but not bad. The headunit is made by pioneer and uses almost the same aftermarket amplification circuit.
agreeded, esspecially for any pair of components.

but then again this probably enough power for most people.
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My brother-in-law has a Bose system. Mine is all Kenwood and Yamaha. Mine blows his out of the water. He won't admit it but his son already has :p

With Bose your are getting $20-40 speakers with $200-400 goodwill of bose quality and sound.
well not all bose car audio is crap. Go listen to the one in the new Cadilac Escalade & STS. I heard that GM designed the speakers\ locations; just had Bose do Eqing and put Bose badge on it for better "brand" image.
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