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does anyone know howmany watts the audiophile system has?
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i do know that the amp is for the 2 6x8 subs... so im 99% positive it is no different than the 6 disc system (the head unit doesnt put out for the two subs, the amp provides that). That being said if your upgrading your doors, you should always run your upgrade speakers form an amp anyways, not the head unit. Any head unit just doesnt put out enough, especially with components. It sounds way better too ;)

But that doesnt really answer your question lol... sorry.
which if i my add... 3-5w RMS is horrible for any aftermarket speakers!!!!!
10 - 20w rms is still horrible for a pair of nice aftermarkets though... dont get me wrong im not dissing the head unit though. Im just saying if you are going to get some nice aftermarkets you really dont want to be looking at running them off your head unit. thats all. A lot of people think that it is enough, but if you want the full potential of the speaker its just not good enough.
i think youd be amazed... its not about the volume which makes a good system good (all those peeps with the bass you hear a mile away), but the clarity and imaging... I could take you into a controlled enviroment (mind you a car is not as good, but the fusion does "dead" the sound pretty damn well) and listen to a few different types of speakers and you'll be blown away. Its a big misconception a lot of people have. I played in a band (rock and punk) and my hearing is not well either, but boy let me tell you... hearing a nice pair is awesome.
not only that... but it also depends on the source of your music, like i posted in another thread. If your ripping music at 128kbs and listening to it on an expensive system... you wasted your money.

Funny story: I had a friend come over who spent thousands on his home theatre, and complemented my setup, which cost less than $1500. He said "wow your setup is quite nice and sounds awesome... what do you have and how much did you pay?" I told him and he couldnt believe it. I showed him where the sound was coming from (iPod) and explained how compressed mp3s are. I further explained why its a waste to buy all that expensive preamps, amps, EQs, receivers and speakers if your source of music cant even reproduce the frequencies your hi-end setup can handle. End of story: He admitted to wasting his money lol.
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the audiophille system does have an amp in the back running the 2 6x9 subs. But i dont know the gauge of the power or ground for the amp... meaning if your gonna run a 600 watt amp, you need to run a new power and ground line.
im pretty sure the amp for the audiophille system is pretty small and doesnt put out a lot. The guage of the wire is really important when you start getting into some high watt amps. im running a 6 guage power for a 600 watt amp. There is no way even a 8 guage power is running to the audiophille amp.
not the subject but to continue on Bose... honestly it is only good at real low to mild volumes. They do a pretty nice job with getting a good sound out of a small box, but thats all because of air flow. Like said above, Id say $30 in speakers, maybe $75 in research and $400 to promoting lol.

Luckily I live next to Canada, and their is a manufacturer in Canada called Paradigm. They have some nice beginning, intermediate and professional lines of equipment. Over in Canada when the exchange rate kicked ass a while back, I got some incredible deals on their professional series and thats what I use for home theatre. There is a nice store in Windsor that has an awsome controlled room where you can really hear the differences in quality, which is something you cant get a best buy or circuit city. Even some newer BBs and CCs have seperate rooms but they dont isolate worth poop lol.

Did anyone find out what wire gauge the audiophille amp uses? I know if you want to use the speaker and remote turn on (if it has it) wires, thats fine, but if you want run higher watt amp your best to run a new power and ground.
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[quote author=thereisnospoon link=topic=68770.msg1223359#msg1223359 date=1172124664]
OK - I looked at TWO cars on the lot today that had audiophile systems. Although BOTH of them had those nice conservative speaker covers that I will eventually own for MY 6x9's, I didn't notice that EITHER of them had an amp.

Both of those 6x9's were only 45W RMS. This is nothing. I DID notice an installed CROSSOVER, but there was NO amp.

maybe the amp is behind the dash. I think some of the older ford cars that had a upgrade put the amp behind the dash. The audiophille system in the 07 escape is in the rear next to the pos sub (excuse my french but my friend has it and it sucks)
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