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Wife is cutting back my allowance and I have stuff I want to buy. Please help a zoom-zoomer out.

All games come with case, cd/dvd, and instruction booklet unless otherwise noted. Attempting to list at fair market value, OBO.

Top Gun $6
Soul Calibur II $7
Mortal Combat Deadly Alliance $8
Virtua Fighter 4 $4
SSX $4
Tiger Woods 2004 $7
NASCAR Thunder 2004 $9
Smuggler's Run 2 $6
Spy Hunter $4
Twisted Metal: Black $6
Onimusha $4
Onimusha 2 $6
Guantlet Dark Legacy $13
Red Faction $4
Red Faction II $10
SOCOM US Navy SEALs (with headset) $12
SOLDGhost Recon $3
SOLDSplinter Cell $3
Freak Flyers $8

Namco Museum $6
Midway Arcade Treasures 2 $12
SOLDTao Feng $6
Bloodrayne $6
Kingdom Under Fire: Crusaders $14
Ghost Recon Island Thunder $5
SOLDReturn to Castle Wofenstein $5
Sega GT 2002 / JSRF $2
SOLDMech Assault $3

If you thought those games were old hang on to your britches...

Castlevania (complete) $15 (slight wear/wrinkle in box if you're looking to collect)
Cruis'n World (complete) $15
Command & Conquer (complete) $20
Nightmare Creatures (complete) $13 (worn box)
Road Rash 64 (complete) $10 (box bent in one corner)
Cart Only:
SOLD007 The World Is Not Enough $8
Daikatana $7
Donkey Kong 64 $4
SOLDTurok $4
Turok 2 $6
SOLDStar Wars Rogue Squadron $3

NES: NES Rarity
Sale PendingWolverine (complete) NES Rarity: B- $25 (MINT)
Top Gun "The Second Mission" (complete) NES Rarity: $5
Super Sprint (complete) NES Rarity: C $7 (MINT)
Nobunaga's Ambition (complete) NES Rarity: C $7 (MINT)
Shooting Range (complete) NES Rarity: B $10 (MINT)
Cart Only:
Terminator 2 NES Rarity: B- $5
Guantlet NES Rarity:C $5
Super Mario Brothers 3 NES Rarity: D $5
Super Mario Brothers/Duck Hunt $1
Super Mario Brothers/Duck Hunt $1

If you are looking for certain NES games I have another ~50 or so I haven't listed yet.

(click picture for bigger image)

Again, all prices are negotiable. Buy in bulk and save. I can use USPS media mail and get these shipped fairly cheap. It varies by how many you buy and how I need to pack them though.

Feel free to PM me, email or post up questions.

I can take PayPal, moneyorder, or check.
PayPal is [email protected]
All proceeds go to my '04 Mazda3.

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I had beaten Castle Wolfenstien on the PC. I got the game when I bought another guy's Xbox lot.

It all depends on if you want realism or shoot 'em up.

Island thunder was pretty fun as a multi player (my old roommate had a copy and we would both go online).

All booklets are with them. These games are in tip top shape. No scratches (this is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to my video games...) I take care of all my babies. :)

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^^ Yeah, my buddy has the 3rd and "lost it". I never got the 4th.

If you guys don't like my prices, cash talks... make me an offer I can't refuse.

If you check against gamestop/eb games these are cheaper than you can get them from there, but more than I can sell them to the store for. It helps both of us. :)

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Tony, for the "Recipient's Email or Phone:" just put my email address. Paypal is fine, unless you want to mail me a money order. I can PM you my address if needed.

It is 8$ with shipping.

And did someone named Robert send me money?? I got a Paypal payment yesterday.

ETA, oops, for some reason Robert, it sent your email to my spam folder.

I'll get Wolfenstien shipped tomorrow.
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