anyone polished oem 16's?

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I was thinking about polishing my stock 16's to look like the 18" oem mustang 5-spokes. does anyone know how involved this would be? I think it would look pretty good with some eibachs as I like the stock 16" shape and how it looks on the car.
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why so i can be like you and look like I came from the getto? big wheels equals slower acceleration, lower mpg, and a rough ride. why do you think they put such small wheels on honda's and toyota's? because it makes them quicker and gives them better mpg. i'm not dissing your wheels, but seems like every car you see these days has huge chrome wheels, it's cookie cutter. granted my oem's are just like everyone elses, but they do look good on the car. a polished set would be a one off I'm bettin and with eibach springs would look badass, plus, it would smoke cars like yours which will take power and torque to get those huge wheels spinning. ever think about that or do you just want to get noticed and could care about performance?

If it were me I would rather be noticed in a baller looking four door for it being sweet looking. Not a f-ing douchebag for trying to race a four door and getting all four of them blown off by something that is remotely fast. I know you may think your Fusion is quick, but the only Fusion that should be racing are the ones that have Nascar on the side of them. They are not racecars. Yes, i bought my Fusion because it had some get up for what it was, but that was the least of my concerns. I bought mine because the bodystyle had lots of potential and luxury in and out for being a Ford mid-sized four door. I mean think about it what was the Fusion back in the day? A taurus?(cringe) I think Ford did a good job. Look at it this was, what kind of people race taurus'? Douches, in my opinion even the people that race SHO's.
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First, the Fusion shares NOTHING with the Taurus.

Second, what difference does it make to you what someone else does with their car? The fact is, with a couple performance mods the Fusion is capable of similar times as a late 90s GT Mustang. I guess those are too slow to race as well.

Firstly - Yes it does, it's a Ford's Mid-sized Four Door that is not built to be raced, people who race them when they are not fast look like idiots, especially when they get there doors blown off.

Secondly - It doesn't make a difference, except good taste.

Lastly - Go buy every mod they offer for the Fusion right now and run a 99 GT Mustang at the track. You'll see what I mean.
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I agree, he's a tool. The Fusion is severely underrated as far as the V6 goes. I have never driven a car that pulls like this when punched at highway speeds. Even my mother's Mark VIII doesn't pull like my SE V6. This guy is even bashing the legendary SHO, which was an extremely quick and high tech engine. So what if it's a 4-door sedan, so is most every BMW. I don't see you bashing them. This guy obviously has the I-4 if he even has a Fusion, which is a good engine, is nothing as powerful as the V6, especially after it's PCM has been flashed with new software.

A late '90's slowstang only offered 210 horses. That was pretty pitiful for a cammer 4.6, although they did sound tough.

I'm a mechanic @ Mel Hambelton Ford Wichita, Kansas.  I'm 19, didn't go to "school" to learn what I need to know.  I like SHO's, but I wouldn't race one.  I have the 06-11-whatever reflash.  It's an '07 Sel fully loaded, w/Eibachs, K&n, 15% tint, debadged with a billet grille and TIS Dropstar 20x8.5's on the way.  So don't give me any lip that I'm a tool and don't bag my knowledge just because of my age.  These are 16 second cars people, even on a good night.  It's personal opinion that I think they are too nice of a car, at least most SEL's to be scooting around messing with other obviously faster cars.  Granted kill stories are all good, but what are you gonna say you beat, a Honda Civic?

Here's a few proofs by the way.

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[quote author=hwm3 link=topic=62462.msg1101870#msg1101870 date=1165520798]
[quote author=KaBooM link=topic=62462.msg1101814#msg1101814 date=1165517642]These are 16 second cars people, even on a good night.

I don't know where your getting your info, but mine runs high 14s, and would be even quicker with some tire that actually hook up. Besides, drag racing isn't the ONLY form of racing out there. I run my car in road rally and auto-x, where handling is a MUCH higher priority than HP.


ok, in factory form, they run 16's. I like road racing too. Just saying...

What all do you have done to yours?
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In that test a stocker ran 15.5 @ 90mph. Mine ran a best of 15.2 stock and 14.7 tuned. I'll be back at the track again this spring with some better shocks and stickier tires.

Must be the air level or something here, i was runnin 16.0's all night on the Michelin's with the Eibach's and K&N. This was before the pcm recalibration. I don't know what the heck the deal was. My lights were all under a .2, I tried with and without Trac-control. Temp was 68 deg., I guess I was running into the wind though... Who knows, maybe the '07's are slower.
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those pics don't show eibachs, it's still got the factory 4x4 look. your grille is gaudy imo. you're 19. oh, did i mention you're 19?
who's the tool who bought the old folk SEL version and takes it to drag race for official times? oh yeah, you the 19 yr. old. 'nuff said.

now,  getting back to the original topic- has anyone polished any powder coated wheel ever? is it just how it seems--? put some stripper on to get the oem finish off and then just polish the heck out of it? I'm considering this to get a polished look out of the oem 5-spokes. I really think these wheels would look good polished. Some of you may wonder why I would want to keep these smaller wheels- well, for winter use and also they provide very quick acceleration and better mpg than larger wheels. Plus, I think they look killer with lowering springs.

It's on Eibach's now not in those pics, I bought the SEL because it's nicer and still affordable. Don't bag my SEL just because you couldn't get one, makes you look like a hater regardless what you say.

It's the best looking aftermarket grill for the Fusion right now, much better than the stock one's, including the black chrome, because it fills in the entire hole in the lower grill piece, IMO. What's wrong with taking it to the track and seeing what it runs, are you gonna bag everyone for doing that or just me? What model do you have? What's done to it? Give me one of your kill stories. I will laugh at every answer you have. And I wasn't answering you on the "I am 19" deal I was remarking to HWM3 saying "your age shows your ignorance." NUFF SAID...
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I could have gotten any fusion I wanted to. All you see are SEL's, and they are more luxury oriented. Well, I don't need the little plastic clock or fake leather around the steering wheel/shifter, and I hate the 17" wheels as they look very much accordish. I also don't like all the chrome wrapped around the SEL. Auto climate control isn't something I like either as you can never get it just right.

I opted for an SE for it's lighter weight and cooler looking wheels and color keyed body panels. I got leather, heated seats, job2 sport pkg, abs, etc. It's black on black leather, which if you check is very rare for any fusion. So, no i'm not jealous of your old folk SEL. And yes, with my reflash I could smoke your heavier SEL as it runs like a 90's Mustang GT and pulls harder than a Mark VIII.

All i need to do is lower it with eibachs and tint the windows and it will make others drool. Your SEL doesn't get noticed as it looks just about like every other SEL on the road except for your tuner wannabe gaudy grille. Actually, that grille would be better served on an SE as the SE is more sporty than the SEL.

Then it's settled.
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