anyone polished oem 16's?

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I was thinking about polishing my stock 16's to look like the 18" oem mustang 5-spokes. does anyone know how involved this would be? I think it would look pretty good with some eibachs as I like the stock 16" shape and how it looks on the car.
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First, the Fusion shares NOTHING with the Taurus.

Second, what difference does it make to you what someone else does with their car? The fact is, with a couple performance mods the Fusion is capable of similar times as a late 90s GT Mustang. I guess those are too slow to race as well.
[quote author=KaBooM link=topic=62462.msg1101814#msg1101814 date=1165517642]These are 16 second cars people, even on a good night.

I don't know where your getting your info, but mine runs high 14s, and would be even quicker with some tire that actually hook up. Besides, drag racing isn't the ONLY form of racing out there. I run my car in road rally and auto-x, where handling is a MUCH higher priority than HP.

In that test a stocker ran 15.5 @ 90mph. Mine ran a best of 15.2 stock and 14.7 tuned. I'll be back at the track again this spring with some better shocks and stickier tires.
1 - 4 of 20 Posts
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