Anyone in the Detroit area want to test a tune from Jusnes for free?

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If you want to give Bob's 87 performance tune a rip for free (whether you have a V6 or a 4 cylinder manual or auto) send me a PM and we can arrange to meet somewhere. It will have to be close to the area where I live (Northville) or the area where I work (Southfield), or somewhere in between. Evenings are best, but some weekends may work. I am thinking 20 minutes or so for a test period, since I am basically surrendering the functionality of my tuner to you. You can not tune more than 1 vehicle at a time with the XCal tuner.

In order to accomodate your trial, I will return my car to stock so that your specific tune can be downloaded to my XCal tuner, and then in turn downloaded to your car. You will need to send Bob your ECU code (he can tell you where to find it).

I am only offering this because I am a very satisfied customer. I will receive no compensation, whatsoever, if you do decide to order something from Bob. If you hate it or love it, it makes no difference to me. I paid full price for my tuner and for the programs that Bob provided. I contacted Bob to see if he would allow me to share his programs with other members in my area. Bob said it was ok if people used my tuner to temporarily test out his programs for free. So everything is set for those who are interested.

PM me if your are interested and you can meet somewhere in my area. My review can be found here:
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I am just making the offer since a lot of people are curious about custom tunes and have different expectations. So I can't really travel far as I am not trying to sell anything. Just doing it as a friendly gesture. But if you ever make it up to the Detroit area ;)

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I would love to test it out but I am down in Cleveland, if there is another way let me know.
Just PM me if you want to set something up.

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hmmm i live in redford... might have to take your trial offer... i have no clue about these things so i would be curious to see what a few hundreds would do...
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