Anyone else think Ford should have added this?

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I dunno if im the only one that noticed this, but on my Fusion, "between the windshield glass and roof" there is a gap. It looks like some weather stripping SHOULD have went there. Its like this on the back window too. Anyone else's Fusion have that?
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I have noticed this on the top of the windshield as well.
Maybe someone who had their car this past winter can chime in! See if they had any issues
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Do some of you worry too much about the small stuff??????? Wait till your lumbar breaks or your PCM dies and your crankshaft damper pulleys crack, then worry about it.... already known problems on the Fusions. Or wait till you go to a store and the anti-theft devices inside the store prevent you from starting your car all the way out in the parking lot, it's happened quite a bit I have heard, dealer's are stumped when that happens!

I have only heard about he lumbar problem. The anti-theft inside stores is a weird one!
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