any 1/4 mile runs, going soon to get some stock times

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Taking to new milan v6 to the track soon to get some stock times before i do any mods. anyone else ran the quarter, and if so what times are you getting, 60 ft times too
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just got back from MOROSO, ran a 16.25 and a 16.28 in the 1/4. slightly slower than i was expecting but not too terrible. car is a 2006 MILAN V6. ran with 3/4 tank of gas(regular) bone stock.
60 ft time 2.50
330 ft time 6.96
1/8 mi time 10.59 @68mph
1000 ft 13.69
1/4 16.25 @88mph

any others have 1/4 mile times??????
so did you get to the track WIKD
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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