Another flip-key thread...

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Before I go to the locksmith and have this flip key cut I just want to verify that that's all that needs to be done for it to work. I have programmed the fob portion and it work just if I read the other threads on this topic correctly, all I have to do is get the key portion cut and we're golden right?

Thanks in advance! :lol:
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[quote author=blackfusion06 link=topic=201876.msg4165015#msg4165015 date=1324663070] what flip key did you get?
So I got it cut for $2.14 at a locksmith. It fits in the lock just fine but when I switch to "run" the car and lock symbol flashes on the dash panel. I'm assuming that's the immobilizer and it won't start (I didn't actually try to crank it over because it's cold here and I don't start my car unless I'm going somewhere.) Advice? EDIT: Aww poo. I have to program the immobilizer. BRB... [/QUOTE] What was the model number or part number for this been wanting to do the same
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