Another flip-key thread...

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Before I go to the locksmith and have this flip key cut I just want to verify that that's all that needs to be done for it to work. I have programmed the fob portion and it work just if I read the other threads on this topic correctly, all I have to do is get the key portion cut and we're golden right?

Thanks in advance! :lol:
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BTW ... thanks to ARFusion for finding the proper key for the 2010+ Fusions.

Go ahead and order yours .... you won't be disappointed!!
Where did you order it from?
Got my key today. I need to cut it and program now.
Got it programed.
Just need to make sure when going from 1-2-3 and 3-2-1 to do it quick. Not pause in between for like a second. I thought you had to pause for a second and then go back, so it wasn't working at the beginning. Then I just did it quick and the horn went off letting me know it was done. With no mistake it should take like 5 minutes.
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