Another flip-key thread...

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Before I go to the locksmith and have this flip key cut I just want to verify that that's all that needs to be done for it to work. I have programmed the fob portion and it work just if I read the other threads on this topic correctly, all I have to do is get the key portion cut and we're golden right?

Thanks in advance! :lol:
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Hmm looks like it wont work. I emailed the seller and he informed me that it wouldn't work on a 2012, as the chip is different. They said they are having others made that will be compatible so we'll see how this goes!

If it doesn't work on a 12 it probably won't work on a 10 either huh? Is there a difference between the 10's and 12's?
Just ordered my flip key .... hope shipping is quick!!!!!!
The one you linked to at the top of this page.
Oh you'll all hear about it ... pics and everything
Still waiting for my key. I hate waiting!!!!!!!!!!
Dammit .... it wasn't here today ... Now I have to wait 'til Monday. Have I mentioned that I hate waiting?!?!
I HATE WAITING!!!! ... It's now over 2 weeks and still nothing .... *sigh*
Guess what finally showed up in the mail today!!!!!!

I really like the black Ford emblem on it. Now just to get it cut tomorrow and program it!

So stoked!!!
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So I brought my key to Canadian Tire and they told me the key wouldn't fit in the cutting machine. I went to a lock smith (All Lock Rescue) and they had no problem doing it. $5.00. The guy who cut my key also told me that if I had problems programming it to let him know. He was really cool.

Programming was interesting. To program the key to the ignition I had to:

1) use the first original key, put it in the ignition and turn it to position 3 and wait 3-10 seconds (check the manual for positions)
2) remove the key and wait 3-10 seconds
3) use the second original key, put it in the ignition and turn it to position 3 and wait 3-10 seconds
4) remove the key and wait 3-10 seconds
5) use the third (switchblade) key, put it in the ignition and turn it to position 3 and wait 6-20 seconds

After the programming remove the key. I opened the door to complete shut the car down. I then used the new key and put it in the ignition and turned it to position 3, waited and watched the security light to make sure it went off. If it turns off the ignition has accepted the key.

At this point I thought the buttons on the remote would work. But they didn't. I was confused and tried the above steps again and again and the buttons still didn't work. I was pissed and thought I had bought a crappy eBay knockoff that wasn't gonna work.

I went back into the store and told the guy that I couldn't get the buttons to work. He came out to my car and showed me what I had to do. Here are the steps:

1) Place one of the original key in the ignition and cycle it from position 1 to position 3 and back to position 1. Do this 8 times. (1-3-1 : 1-3-1 : 1-3-1 : 1-3-1 : 1-3-1 : 1-3-1 : 1-3-1 : 1-3-1)
2) After the cycling the locks will cycle (lock and unlock)
3) Once the locks cycle use the new remote and click 'lock'.

If this programming works the locks should lock with the new remote. Try all the buttons to make sure they all work and you're all done.

Enjoy your new remote.

I'm very happy. The quality seems to be very good. There is slight play between the key and the housing but nothing unusual. I feel if it was any tighter it would be to stiff. When you close the key and the key gets close to the housing there is a nice (satisfying) spring action pulling the key and keeping it closed.

The only downfall I found is the button to release the key is quite large and has no protection around it. It has already flipped open in my pocket by itself. I've had it in my pocket for two days now and only the once is not too bad to me. I'm not worried about that ... YET!

I would strongly recommend this as an alternative key. It's always recommended to have a third key so if you happen to lose one you don't have to pay a dealership to program it and overcharge you for it.
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how long have you had yours? have there been any issues?
BTW ... thanks to ARFusion for finding the proper key for the 2010+ Fusions.

Go ahead and order yours .... you won't be disappointed!!
Sweet. Did you have any problems programming it?
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